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Capabilities within the organization (Everything else we can do!)


.. Due to the broad range of experience and talents within the organization, a number of tasks can be accomadated by the staff.


.. The abbreviated list of technologines is shown below.


.. Please contact us with your needs



.. Quick turn, low quantity PCB assembly including SMT soldering

.. Cost reduction programs of existing electronic designs (Solve component obsolesence issues)

.. User Interface Design (Visual Basic, Dreamweaver, in combination with other tools)

.. Control systems built around Visual Basic, Labview, Matlab, C, Winbatch, or combinations of Languages

.. Labview Programming and Integration with Embedded Programming

.. Excel modeling and programming

.. VBA Programming

.. Data Format conversions set up as an automatic process.

.. Distributed wireless control systems

.. Custom test software written in C, Labview, Visual Basic or WinBatch

.. Database creation with custom user interface utilizing a combination of Access, SQL, and Visual Basic

.. Web Site design, implementation, and maintenance

.. Graphics designs: Logos, Business Cards, Company Brochures, Event Graphics

.. Graphic Tools: CorelDraw, PhotoShop, Corel Painter, Adobe Acrobat

.. Audio and Video Editing

.. Technical Documentation/Technical Writing

.. Technical product consulting to determine feasibility, cost, complexity, and development time.







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